TECTEX Cross Lappers are designed to face the Increasing market requirements.

Today’s market requires Faster and Quality performing Cross Lappers, we have used the latest Technology to design our simple and reliable machines. Our lappers can be accept up to two webs from one card, or even up to four webs from two opposite cards (two each).

TECTEX lapper can cross fold Carded Webs introducing control in their distribution (profiling) in order to correct and equalize the weight across the lapping width that can be affected from machine speed and from features inside each fibers. This distribution control can be designed to supply the following machines (Pre Needler or Oven) the best web profile to optimize weights or to save in chemical products.

The technological level of TECTEX lapper is in the end extremely advanced. The machine can be equipped with several features to accommodate the different type of fiber used. We can also CUSTOMIZE the Lappers to meet your particular production requirements.

Our type FA5000/TC is one of the most sold Crosslappers into the Non Woven Industry, the following reasons are why we have sold so many. EASY TO USE: VERSATILITY: RELIABILITY: and BEST VALUE for QUALITY/PRICE. In today’s market we feel we are offering the best value for your investment.

We have developed our FA6000/TC for the most challenging application in term of speed and quality. The FA6000/TC is designed to run Parallel fibers and is very cost competitive, in the Nonwoven market.

  FA2000T FA3000TCO FA5000TCO FA6000TCO
Max speed in 60-70 60-70 100-120 150
Max width in 3.500 3.500 3.500 3.500
Max width out 10.000 10.000 10.000 10.000
Profiling X V V V


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